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  1. I would love to feature your business on our websites, talk about you on our stations! We are giving back to our community right now by helpig promote local business! Keep rockin”

  2. I have yet to visit your store. I have been a collector of music for many years and look forward to visiting you.
    good luck.

  3. Looking forward to visiting your store again when I’m in Nashville. The drunk Jesco video is either really funny or really sad; gonna have to digest that before I decide!

  4. If there’s one thing that i’ve learned from living in Nashville my whole life its how to weed out the crap from the gold when it comes to records. Not only does Groove have one of the best selections in town (at great prices I might add), but the absolute friendliest staff around. They’re all very helpful and knowledgeable. Even if the store doesn’t have what you’re looking for, which is rare. They can order it for you and have it to you QUICKLY and SAFELY. This is my number one choice for record buying in Nashville. I highly recommend it for the one’s just shuffling through or the one’s who are here to stay; The Groove is your place.

  5. Hello, i’ve been to your store many times and have always enjoyed your selection of vinyls. I always thought i’d love to work there, so if you guys ever have any openings, please let me know. Thanks!

  6. Hello Groove! My husband and I both love your store, and I was wondering if you were ever looking for new art to display there, or if you needed any help with design work for the store (ads, flyers, things of that nature).
    You can check out my website to see my work or email me and I will send you some images.
    Feel free to contact me at any time! Again, I love the store and it’s great to see the independent record stores still out there.

    Take care,

  7. i buy most of my sampling records from this store. i’m going to try to come out on april 17th too. this store was a great idea. at the moment i’m working on a new solo album and would love to have a record release at The Groove, peace!!!!!!

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