Sell Us Your Stuff!

Old records taking up too much floor space? Looking to turn your old CDs into some one ones??  Just need a few extra bucks to buy some cat food???  The Groove pays top dollar for your music, music-related items and stereo equipment – plus we offer an additional 20% in store credit!



No collection is too big or too small – whether you are trying to unload a large vinyl collection or you just have a couple of records you aren’t listening to anymore…  We are always looking for quality titles!  When you bring your records to us, we price each item individually – so you know exactly what we’re offering.  Our offers take into consideration both the jacket and vinyl conditions, as well as the general “sell-ability” of the title. In addition to LPs (“33s”), we are also interested in 12-inch singles, 7-inch records (“45s”), 10-inch records and even 78 rpm records!

For larger collections – unable to be transported to our location – we are happy to arrange a house-call, upon meeting certain criteria.  Please contact one of our buyers via email or call us to discuss your collection and the option of arranging an appointment.  Our contact info can be found here.

We are even happy to visit out-of-state locations, if the collection is desirable.  Please note, as larger collections are more involved/time-intensive, we are unable to price each item individually.  Should the collection pass visual inspection and be of interest, we are prepared to make an offer on the entire collection.

Some particular genres of interest to us are:

Soul / R&B/ Blues / Jazz / Acid Jazz / Blue Note / Impulse! / Krautrock / Psych / Rock / Classic Rock / Punk / Metal / Stoner / Hip-Hop / Rap / Reggae / Avant-garde / International / Country / Folk / Bluegrass / Electronic / Trip Hop / Techno / House / Downtempo / Acid / Shoegaze / Dreampop 



We are interested in your used CDs and CD box sets as well!  Please note, all considerable items must include the original disc(s), full jewel case and front/back cover art.  We pay anywhere from 10 cents to $4.00 for the typical single CD, given the overall condition and the title itself, while also taking into consideration the “sell-ability” of the album. Older common/popular albums often bring less return while classic/newer titles in top condition will often bring $2.00 to $3.50 each…  double-CDs, box sets, etc bringing even more.



In addition to vinyl and CDs, we are also interested in a variety of other music and music-related items including:  stereo equipment (turntables, speakers, cassette decks, pre-amps, stereo receivers, CD players, etc), cassette tapes, music DVDS and books (concerts, documentaries and pop culture titles) and other music memorabilia!