New Stock @ The Groove: 12/12

  • Pavement – Brighten the Corners (Nicene Creedence Edition) Quintessential for any Pavement fan, this deluxe edition CD comes with a limited edition poster and live vinyl disc. It’s a 2CD set with 44 tracks, of which 19 are unreleased recordings, and 7 are completely unreleased songs.  The bonus live LP was recorded during the first Brighten the Corners tour and scheduled for release as OLE-324 in July 1998, but was then shelved until now. The packaging of the CD is quite similar to the other Pavement reissues that have dropped over the past couple of years, containing a 44 page booklet of liner notes on the recording — so complete your set with Brighten the Corners, quite possibly the seminal band’s most underrated recording.
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow – Drippers EP 10-inch (Blue Marble Wax) —For those that like the tasty psychedelia of Dandelion Gum and Tobacco’s Fucked Up Friends — this meets somewhere in the middle. A bit more beat oriented than their debut LP, it combines lo-fi analog synth blasting with wobbly acoustic guitars that are reminiscent of Boards of Canada’s Campfire Headphase. Also, Mike Watt is featured on a track — thats when your hip radar has gone through the roof.
  • Common – Universal Mind Control CD – I was reading Pitchfork’s review of this the other day, and lo and behold, they gave this darn thing a 2.8. This is when I decided when I would never take a reviewer by the name of Brian Howe seriously again, and nor should you. This record is full of good times and vibrant beats from the synth-laden Neptunes production. Not to mention, Common’s laid back style is quite welcome in this economic hardship and crap weather as of late. Not a record to be taken with the utmost “artistic” seriousness. Common made this record to give us a relief from all that.
  • Karen Dalton – In My Own Time 180 Gram LP Re-issue w/ Bonus 7 inch – I wish Karen Dalton made it into as many homes as James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James and the Doctor Zhivago soundtrack. In My Own Time is as quintessential as that copy of Ulysses on your bedside table you never got around to reading. She had the appeal in a time when people were eating up acid folk and every singer-songwriter that graced pop radio sold a million records. Maybe its because her voice was more Janis Joplin and less Carole King and her guitar playing was more Townes Van Zandt and less James Taylor.
  • Cat Power – Dark End of the Street 2×10 inch – Cat Power’s Chan Marshall has a hard time messing up a cover. Her sultry voice can fall within the range of Nina Simone to Frank Sinatra. Dark End of the Street is made up of leftovers from this years Jukebox, and highlights her doing covers which are both obvious, and not so obvious choices. Such as Otis Reddings’ “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” and CCR’s “Fortunate Son.”
  • Pelican – The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw 2LP A vinyl only re-issue of 2005’s epic Pelican album. The packaging is on beautiful glossy gold heavy-duty stock — not a cheaply done job. Hydrehead and Southern Lord are easily competitors for best packaging as far as 2008 goes, and are capitalizing on the newly revived vinyl market. Not to mention, Pelican’s epic recordings deserve the full dynamic range that vinyl offers, and these beautifully pressed 2lp’s present the album in a new light. Limited.

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