New Releases for Jan. 25th, 2011


Ryan Adams – Gold (clear vinyl – 10th Anniversary re-issue)

Aloha – The Great Communicators, The Interpreters, The Nonbelievers After years of requests, Aloha’s debut release is finally available on vinyl. Aloha holds the distinction of being the first (and only) Polyvinyl band ever to be signed based on a demo tape (and, yes, it was a tape). The release features the original Aloha line-up including vibraphonist Eric Koltnow. Limited to 500 copies with hand silk-screened covers on 180-gram maroon vinyl. Only 300 copies are being made available to retail.

The Books – Thought For Food (re-mastered)

Charles Bradley – No Time For Dreaming

Carolina Chocolate Drops / Luminescent Orchestrii – Self-Titled 10” On The Carolina Chocolate Drops’ Nonesuch debut, Genuine Negro Jig, this youthful trio explored what Sing Out! magazine called “the virtually hidden tradition of black string band music,” reaching far back into the last century to trace its lineage from the Piedmont region of North Carolina to the British isles and Africa. Multi-instrumentalists and singers Dom Flemons, Rhiannon Giddens, and Justin Robinson transformed their findings into lively tracks that deftly blended the timeless with the modern. Near-forgotten musical history came resoundingly back to life. On this new four-song EP, the Drops find an instant connection to the Romanian gypsy punk music of their recent tour-mates, the Brooklyn-based Luminescent Orchestrii, a five-piece group.

Caroline – Verdugo Hills

Chain And The Gang – Cry, Cry, Cry Over You 7″ While recording their first album at Dub Narcotic Studio, Chain & The Gang had so many good songs and radical ideas, it became obvious that it would spill over onto a Dub Narcotic Disco Plate 7-inch single; Chain (a.k.a. Ian Svenonius) croons on “Cry, Cry, Cry (Over You)”, culling inspiration from background vocals by Sixx (The Vibrarians), and a stinging piano solo by Brian Weber (Dub Narcotic Sound System). Classic.

Cloud Nothings – Self-Titled

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

Death – Spiritual Mental Physical Vinyl version of the original reel-to-reel Death demos, circa 1974-76.

The Decemberists – The Tain / 5 Songs (Re-Issue) A combination of where The Decemberists have been & where they’re headed. The A-side is made up of a short form concept record called The Tain, based on what most consider the Illiad of Irish myth. While keeping the signature Decemberists sound intact, the band gives a significant nod to such ’70s progressive rockers as Deep Purple & Iron Butterfly. The Tain was recorded over an intensive 4-day period during which the band actually slept on the floor of the recording studio, & captured & brought to light w/the help of Christopher Walla (Death Cab For Cutie Cutie) at the venerable Hall Of Justice in Seattle. The B-side is a vinyl release of the band’s 1st EP 5 Songs. It is simpler & less adorned, but still a marvelous collection of characters trapped in song, clawing & cooing their way out.

Deerhoof – Deerhoof vs. Evil (Limited Edition Pink vinyl) Self-recorded, mixed, and mastered in rehearsal spaces and band members’ basements with no engineers or outside input, Deerhoof vs. Evil dresses up Deerhoof’s well known recklessness in a newfound elastic groove – one filled with big-hit choruses and exuberantly unfamiliar colors. The musical equivalent of hormones raging out of control, this record explodes out of the speakers with its gawky triumph and inflamed sentimentality. This is Deerhoof’s ode to their own adolescence.

Deerhoof / Physical Forms – Hoofdriver 7″ From the mind of Regan Farquhar comes this unique collaboration with Deerhoof. Farquhar, better known as Busdriver, is an LA-based MC who has released several albums on ANTI-. He has also collaborated with Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, and Boom Bip. Side A of “Hoofdriver” features Farquhar singing over a Deerhoof instrumental track and Side B showcases Farquhar’s latest project, Physical Forms, which features members of The Mae Shi.

Destroyer – Kaputt Destroyer’s two recent limited edition 12-inches, Bay Of Pigs and Archer On The Beach, were lauded by critics and sold out in the first month of release. Kaputt is Destroyer’s ninth album. The double LP contains an exclusive, 20-minute bonus song and coupon for full album download.

Fujiya & Miyagi – Ventriloquizzing

Gang Of Four – Content Album features 11 new songs written by Andy Gill & Jon King. “What we strive for in all of our songs is to interpret the world in a way you haven’t seen nor thought of before,” says Andy who also produced the album. “We feel you’ll hear this in C O N T E N T. The tracks are simple: vocals, guitar, bass, drums. It is a tough, loud sound”

The Get Up Kids – There Are Rules

Harvey Milk – A Small Turn Of Human Kindness Harvey Milk’s A Small Turn of Human Kindness is the difference between watching a movie like Irreversible vs. watching a movie like Independence Day… Both good films, however the first stimulates a foreign mixture of emotions that require you to sleep it off, whereas the latter concludes with you feeling comfortable with the fact that your a lazy, wasteful, culturally sequestered American who has sat through this fucking movie way too many times in his/her life!… So, I think you get the idea, A Small Turn of Human Kindness is as dense and as heavy temperamentally as it is musically… The seven songs so subtly bleed together that the listener has no choice, but to view the entire album as a linear orchestration with a singular ebb and flow…

Lia Ices – Grown Unknown Lia Ices’ emotionally driven and experimental pop music is both avant-garde and timeless. A natural yet refined grace permeates her work. Ices’ voice floats and flutters around you, like the leaves from trees on a fleeting fall day, and the instrumentation matches that subtle dynamism. Grown Unknown is a walk in the park on a day of carnival, the most beautiful day so far this year. Appearing as a guest vocalist for “Daphne”, the only duet on the album, is Justin Vernon of Bon Iver.

Monotonix – Not Yet

Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean (w/ CD) It’s been more than three years since Iron & Wine’s last studio effort, The Shepherd’s Dog, which was widely praised by fans and critics alike. While Beam’s early albums were sparse, intimate solo affairs, Shepherd’s introduced layered textures and poly-rhythmic sounds that allowed his lyrics to spring to life. It’s only natural then, that Beam took this sonic collage and built upon it for his new album, Kiss Each Other Clean. The result is a brighter, more focused record that retains the idiosyncratic elements that make Iron & Wine such an engaging band. Beam continued to mine folk, African, rock, country, and Jamaican musical traditions, but switched the focus of his studio lens to 60s and 70s pop influences for the Kiss Each Other Clean sessions.

Wanda Jackson – The Party Ain’t Over

Amos Lee – Mission Bell

Phil Manley – Life Coach

My Disco – Little Joy

Thank You – Golden Worry

Sidi Toure – Sahel Folk

The Vagrants – I Can’t Make A Friend: 1965-1968 East Coast rockers from Queens, New York, the Vagrants are as OG as they come. Admired from across the Forest Hills High School cafeteria by future members of the Ramones, they ripped across the city and state with ecstatic abandon and an explosive stage show. They pissed off Bill Graham on a mini West Coast tour and were told they’d never play there again. Full of damage and pure dynamics, the Vagrants provided the blueprint for early punk. They invented their own timeless interpretations of soul and contemporary rock smashes including their infectious take on “Respect,” eventually immortalized on the original Nuggets compilation in 1972. Shit, they may even be responsible for helping to push a young Hammond B3 rocking Billy Joel (then in the Hassles) into the big league. Not to mention a little Mafioso mayhem thrown in for good measure (steal, beg or borrow the album to read an extensive set of deep liner notes from Ugly Things’ Mike Stax on the subject). But forget the tales of these real rock Rumble Fish, it’s the music that tells the story. 12 tracks of groovy garage, propulsive psych, and primitive proto-punk, Light In The Attic score another coup with I Can’t Make A Friend 1965-1968.

John Vanderslice – White Wilderness Nine new and wildly impressive songs captured live over three days in a unique collaboration with the Magik*Magik Orchestra, a collective of classically trained musicians in the Bay Area led by artistic director Minna Choi. The Magik*Magik Orchestra have a comprehensive mastery of classic performance and repertoire, but also have a full appreciation of the aesthetics of indie and underground music.

Various Artists – Eccentric Soul, Vol. 11: Mighty Mike Lenaburg Five years since its initial CD release, Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg finally makes it back to its intended format as a deluxe double LP. This 180 gram edition features ten bonus tracks, scores of new photographs, and new liner notes, all housed in a heavy gatefold jacket. Covering Tejano psych, flute funk, horny soul, cackling R&B, and fist-fight doo-wop, Mighty Mike Lenaburg chronicles Phoenix, Arizona’s off-“Funky Broadway” scene that happened while Dyke and his Blazers were setting national charts on fire in the late 60s/early 70s.

The Witches – A Haunted Person’s Guide To The Witches Born in Detroit in 1996 from the mind of bass player Troy Gregory (Dirtbombs, Killing Joke) and with the help of fellow Michigan natives John Nash (Electric Six, LCD Soundsystem) on guitar, and producer Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Von Bondies) on electric twelve-string, The Witches went on to record five amazing albums between 1996 and 2006, with the help of a revolving line-up of Michigan musicians, before vanishing into thin air. A Haunted Person’s Guide To The Witches compiles material from the band’s five albums, and is a comprehensive introduction to the band’s unique sound.

Willie Wright – Telling The Truth (+ 7” vinyl) Available for the first time since 1977, this expanded edition of northeast black troubadour Willie Wright’s Telling The Truth album gathers his lone 45 and only original composition from his first LP to tell the definitive Willie Wright story. The deluxe LP edition includes a replica 7-inch of his cover of Curtis Mayfield’s “Right On For The Darkness” (with his original “Africa” on the flip), while the CD takes that same single and shrinks it to a portable 4.72″ record that actually plays!

Zs – New Slaves Part II:  Essence Implosion! We are to bring you the follow-up to Zs’ 2010 2xLP New Slaves, aptly titled New Slaves Part II: Essence Implosion! This record serves as a companion (or sequel) to New Slaves, their epic and acclaimed double album from earlier this year. It features remixes of material from that record by such luminaries as Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, JG Thirlwell (Foetus), Gabe Andruzzi (The Rapture), Cex, Ecstatic Sunshine and Excepter’s Zebrablood


Apex Manor – The Year Of Magical Drinking This debut was produced by Dan Long (Film School, Local Natives) and Brian Whelan. Look for the band to tour extensively in 2011 including SXSW. “If his first single is any indication, Ross Flournoy and his Apex Manor project are going to be one the most hyped bands of 2011” – Mog Music Network.

Ben + Vesper – Honors Honors reveals a more confident and adventurous Ben + Vesper, who have surrounded themselves with good friends who happen to be perfectly suited to translate their songs into a pleasing and universal vernacular. Here’s an album full of dance party music for the unsung heroes of the world. Recorded by Brian McTear, Amy Morrisey, and Daniel Smith in five days, Honors is one of those albums that marks a moment in time, a moment worth recording and listening to.

The Books – Thought For Food (re-mastered) Filled with endearing and enduring songs, The Books revisit their wide-eyed beginnings with this remastered CD, repackaged with all-new artwork and expanded to include lyrics. Carefully and thoughtfully remastered from the original mixes, this record now boasts a warmth and clarity that surprisingly reveals an increased harmonic depth.

Charles Bradley – No Time For Dreaming Charles Bradley’s voice has evolved from a lifetime of paying dues, having nomadically labored for decades at various day jobs from Maine to Alaska–singing and performing in his spare time–before re-settling in his hometown Brooklyn and eventually finding a musical home at Dunham/Daptone. In his distinctively rough-hewn timbre one hears the unmistakable voice of experience–each note and gruff infection a reflection of his extended, sometimes rocky, personal path

Carolina Chocolate Drops / Luminescent Orchestrii

Caroline – Verdugo Hills Verdugo Hills builds upon the same minimalist, angelic pop that made Caroline’s debut album Murmurs, so striking. Having spent the past several years as a full-time member of the small musical army that is Mice Parade, Caroline has mastered the art of mingling a dozen or more distinct sounds to form miniature symphonies for the soul that can turn from an icy chill to a warm glow in the span of a few breaths. Her lyrical delivery and subject matter have matured enormously, exposing new depths to her emotional range to accompany the deceptively subdued mix of acoustic and electronic

Cloud Nothings – Self-Titled This self-titled album shines through with a crispness and boldness that main man Dylan Baldi has always envisioned. The songs now sound as they do live: full of energy, precision, and catchy bits. Dylan plays all the instruments on the album, but this time without the lo-fi scuzz. The excitement and emotion are practically jumping off the grooves.

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

Deerhoof – Deerhoof vs. Evil

Destroyer – Kaputt

Ensemble – Excerpts The long-awaited follow-up to his 2005 self-titled effort, Excerpts – the latest from Montreal-based Olivier Alary’s Ensemble – gorgeously occupies the middle ground between lush orchestration, absorbing pop, guitar-indie, experimental sonics and beyond. Though Excerpts offers no obvious or straightforward reference points, it is an album full of maturity, sophistication and romance, intricately and timelessly constructed.

Epstein – Sealess See

Fujiya & Miyagi – Ventriloquizzing After two years experimenting in the shadows, cutting edge minimalist-funk heroes Fujiya & Miyagi are back with their darkest and most propulsive set yet. The band’s fourth full-lengther, Ventriloquizzing has a dark heart, via its throbbing electro-glam beat and menacing lyrics. “I think there’s an underlying anger, or perhaps just annoyance, at institutions and people in general, and probably ourselves too,” says singer/guitarist David Best.

Gang Of Four – Content

The Get Up Kids – There Are Rules First new album in seven years!

David Guetta – One More Love

I Was A King – Old Friends Old Friends is a record of excitement, managing a tension between control and chaos, harmony and discord, old and new; a tension that is always teetering, but never stumbling. There is also a comfortableness to the music – the same kind of comfort you feel when you’re with people you’ve known for a long time; the comfort to risk, to stretch, to laugh. Old Friends is very special music. It is music not unlike the phenomenon of friendship itself: a sublime oddity.

Lia Ices – Grown Unknown

Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean

Wanda Jackson – The Party Ain’t Over “It’s an exciting time to be Wanda Jackson,” Austin’s American-Statesman declared in October on the eve of Jackson’s 73rd birthday bash at the Continental Club there. The undisputed Queen of Rockabilly – a touring powerhouse for more than 50 years – is releasing her debut disc for Third Man/Nonesuch Records, the aptly titled The Party Ain’t Over. This collection of vintage and contemporary covers was produced by fan and new-found friend Jack White at his Nashville studio and recorded with a late-night honky-tonk feel by members of My Morning Jacket, the Raconteurs, and Dead Weather, among others. 4-panel uncoated digipak, 8-page booklet

LCD Soundsystem – London Sessions LCD Soundsystem makes wildly compelling, fiercely intelligent dance music for actual grownups. The band’s third full-length, This Is Happening, appeared last May. A few weeks later, LCD Soundsystem recorded material from all of their three albums, live, at Abbey Road Studios in London. Now comes the release of the nine-song, 58-minute London Sessions.

Amos Lee – Mission Bell New studio with guests Lucinda Williams, Willie Nelson, Sam Beam (Iron & Wine), Priscilla Ahn and many others – first single is “Windows Are Rolled Down”

Phil Manley – Life Coach Phil Manley, founding member of the pioneering DC-trio Trans Am, and in-demand recording engineer (The Alps, Arp, Mi Ami, Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips) has recorded his debut solo album. Life Coach, a title inspired by Tony Williams Lifetime and Charles Bullen’s Lifetones project, is a dynamic collection of instrumental songs composed, performed, and recorded entirely by Phil. While there are reflections of Phil’s work in Trans Am, Oneida, The Fucking Champs, and Jonas Reinhardt that a listener familiar with those bands will notice, Life Coach is more minimal and adheres to the structures of German rock of the mid 70’s that has long inspired Phil, specifically the free-spirited and loose arrangements

Monotonix – Not Yet Recorded by Steve Albini, Not Yet is the second Monotonix full-length album, focusing the band’s energy like a beam, searing away everything extraneous, leaving only the essentials. Monotonix are kicking it with pure, slamming rawness from start to finish on Not Yet, with short & fast songs, direct to the point; Yonatan’s riffs, doubled up & driving forward, Haggai rattling jaws with blow after blow on the kit as Ami sings & screams of you & me, of the thrill & dismay of too much, of action & release, his voice almost swallowed in the din but cutting through with the rigor of a scalpel & the fury of a fanatic.

My Disco – Little Joy Garnering increasing acclaim in their native Australia with their first two albums, Temporary Residence is proud to finally present Melbourne trio My Disco’s third full-length. As always, the most fascinating and unique element to their sound is space – long, deep, sometimes scary space. Their defiance of rock music’s time-worn tropes is what defines them, and Little Joy explores and expands on that concept, stretching a naked few instruments to transform short blasts into heavy, rhythmic, meditative body music.

Popol Vuh – The Werner Herzog Soundtracks (Box Set) SPV is proud to announce the complete official Werner Herzog original soundtracks by Popol Vuh, containing the 5 true movie soundtracks classics – Aguirre, Heart of Glass, Nosferatu, Fitzcarraldo, and Cobra Verde – this is a high-end limited edition box

The Radio Dept. – Passive Aggressive: 2002-2010

Thank You – Golden Worry

Sidi Toure – Sahel Folk Sidi Toure has been performing music in his home of Mali since the 1970’s when he formed the Songhai Stars regional orchestra. He has won the award for best singer two times at the Mali National Bienale. Sidi is a peer to Toumani Diabate, Bassekou Kouyate, and he shares a kinship with the late Ali Farka Toure. At its heart, Sahel Folk, Thrill Jockey’s debut release with Sidi Toure, is an album of friends reuniting around a glass of tea. It’s Sidi Toure’s second album, but the first time most of his collaborators have been documented

John Vanderslice – White Wilderness

Willie Wright – Telling The Truth (2xCD + 5” vinyl)