We here at The Groove are thrilled to have the photos of Theresa Kereakes currently hanging on our walls.  We recently had an wonderful opening for her exhibit, entitled “Locals and Legends”, and we are equally as pleased to here that she is going to have two of her works up for grabs in the upcoming Christie’s Pop Culture Auction – which will take place on June 23rd. Both pieces are estimated to bring in at least $1000 each, making them a steal at what they are going for in our store (they start at just $10…)

Click on the links below to check ’em out for yourself:

Lot 49/Sale 2179: The Germs

Lot 50/Sale 2179: Belinda Carlisle

outtake from The Germs “Forming” picture sleeve photo session is part of the Christie’s Pop Culture auction on June 23

Taken from Theresa’s blog, Punk Turns 30:

Thirty years after the first sloppy power chord broke through the disco doldrums, punk rock has reached a respectable status as a musical genre and epochal movement – a generation’s benchmark that sees its lasting contribution to pop culture on a daily basis. And speaking of Pop Culture…. the experts at Christie’s Auction House have identified the phenomenon as collectible. Spurred by the critical and probably material success of its November 2008 Punk Rock auction, (which was covered HERE), Christie’s is doing it again!

On June 23, Christie’s will conduct its Pop Culture auction and some images from the Punk Turns 30 archive are included!

That’s right! Lots #49 and #50 in Christie’s Pop Culture auction are sets of photos by yours truly — Belinda Carlisle and The Germs.

I think its a wonderful combination — considering that Belinda Carlisle and the Go Gos may be the biggest success out of LA’s homegrown punk rock bands, and the Germs LA’s most notorious… with Belinda being an original member of the Germs… those curators in Pop Culture certainly know their punk rock family tree and how to connect dots in a most sophisticated way.

Several of the images that are in the Christie’s auction have not been published, exhibited or seen before! A few of the Germs images and a couple of the Belinda Carlisle images were included in the last stop on my Unguarded Moments tour at Metropolis in Lancaster, PA.

At this very moment, there are some photos of a young, pre-Go Gos Belinda Carlisle hanging up at The Groove record shop in Nashville, TN. The photos were installed to celebrate Record Store Day and will be hanging up for a little while longer as I introduce the next traveling exhibit I’ll be doing: Locals & Legends.

Tell your rich, collector friends to check out Christie’s!”